Roots pt 4: Types of Records

As I wrap up from BHM genealogy tips, I want to give a brief overview of records. That's most of the work combing over documents to fill in the missing pieces. You can help yourself out greatly by knowing what…

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Roots: Pt 3: An Acknowledgement On War


This month has been troublesome and spiritually uneasy.  Both my appetite for both food and media has lessened. This black history month, I have undertaken the task of sharing my process for genealogy research because this to me is…

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Roots - How to Start Your Ancestry Search Pt2


I come across a lot of people who want to start doing Ancestry, but get so confused they never take any steps at all. 

When I started, I dove head first into the wealth of records and names and was…

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Roots - On Tracing My Family's History Part 1


I've been on the search for missing links since 2013. After my mother posed to me a family mystery, the urge to resolve it overtook me. I love a good mystery. For 10 years I've been deleting and resubscribing to…

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Aybil vs the Internet: It's Spring!


I really enjoy being outdoors. As much as possible, I step my bare feet into wild green grass and let the hot or cold blades shock my little senses. I breathe as deeply as possible and whatever tree I end…

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November Greetings!

"Finished last" will always be better than "did not finish," which will always beat "Did not start" ~ Unknown 

Greetings to old friends and new, 

I hope that these days are treating you kindly. As I arrive in November (the…

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August brings Raine and Reflections...


"I have been given a gift to share my perspective and I hope it leaves you in a place of reflection, healing and empowerment.


Aybil Definitions:

Reflection: Evaluating oneself to understand what self likes, dislikes, and deems emotionally healthy.


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Memphis Sounds Like....

I had an amazing time this past weekend. I was given an opportunity to perform for the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference. I learned some valuable tidbits, but the most important thing I took away from the weekend was connection…

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Reflections on American Body and Hope

I wrote American Body as a release. An almost prayer as we deal with repeated tragedies and a country that wants to wrest itself in two. In the second verse, before the chorus, I wrote

"...And all these things 

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Settle My Soul



It's been a month. I've taken a little time off for reflection and growth. Honestly, I realized I was close to a burnout and so I pulled over for a rest. I'm back and excited to bring you my…

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Letters From North Nowhere

Letters from North Nowhere, my next batch of releases, (can a batch be 2?), is out now.

Never Coming Home is a story of a runner. An unrepentant soul who drastically uproots their life after a night's drive. In the…

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American Body 2/22/2022

I am excited for the release my new single "American Body." 

American Body (I affectionately call it The Troubles) is a song that has been on my heart for a while. The tradition and work of the protest song is…

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