Memphis Sounds Like....

I had an amazing time this past weekend. I was given an opportunity to perform for the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference. I learned some valuable tidbits, but the most important thing I took away from the weekend was connection. Talented souls from around the country came out to perform. I wish I had been able to see more performances.

When my time came, I felt love from New Orleans as some of my new friends came out to listen (y'all are the best) and I also felt the love from people I've admired and seen perform from my own hometown. Memphis definitely rocked the boat!!

Sometimes I think I'm talented, other times I just remember I'm from Memphis. Haha, but truly, Memphis people have talent like no other. The same is true for the folk of New Orleans. Even if some aren't born in either city, they congregate to share the love of music and culture, to love, and to connect. Memphis people are like no other. New Orleans people are like no other. I truly meant when I said 7/9/2022 was one for the history books.

See ya soon!


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