I am a writer by education and sometimes by practice. That is to say, I have a degree in Creative Writing and I read a lot. I have also written a book (in another life) and numerous short stories, songs, and "what nots." So although, I love writing a good song, I'd rather it not be a surprise when an essay, blog post (rant), or immersive fantasy trilogy appears with my name on it.

I love words spoken and written. I especially love listening to podcasts or overhearing conversations. Often, I write one or two phrases that spark my ear. I guard them away with all the others, until I can pull them out and piece them together to express something akin to a human experience. In this human experience, I believe we are all seeking connection, both readers and writers. I'd love for this to be another way I can connect with you.

I am "practicing" my muscles as a writer. I hope that you will come along with me on this journey and forgive my grammar bumbles, it's been many years since I've practiced a longer form. It feels good.


Thanks for listening

And reading,