November Greetings!

"Finished last" will always be better than "did not finish," which will always beat "Did not start" ~ Unknown 

Greetings to old friends and new, 

I hope that these days are treating you kindly. As I arrive in November (the month of my birth), I often spend this time in reflection. I've reflected on who I am, why I write, what I write, and what I would like to see as a result of my songs being put into the world. 

I don't need to tell you how heartache and bad news seem to be on every corner, literally. As I take into account every story of grief I hear, some part in me still believes in peace and healing, in a great change for my generation. 

I believe if the generations before me have seen lifetimes of war, then generations after me can see lifetimes of peace. 

I recently spoke to an amazing poet and community leader. I expressed my concern, the lack of resolution or solution to give to people from my art. I am a person who wants to fix, by nature. If you have a problem, I'm coming up with 30 solutions to resolve it. But I'm constantly trying to wrap my mind around what the solution is for the chaos that our world seems to be in. 

From my conversation with this leader, I learned that the only solution is to work towards love. It sounds simple. If you think of it too lightly, it may sound ridiculous. But I wonder what love looks like in practice. If it was practiced by not only citizens, but those who make up our government. Lest we not forget they are common citizens as well. 

To me, love looks like communities building homes and shelters for those without. 

To me love looks like making it illegal for people to be without. 

Love looks like land with fresh food where anyone can go take and eat. 

Love looks like schools that teach people how to do their taxes, and fix their cars, and read amendments that affect their local community. 

Love looks like making voting accessible and attainable for everyone. 

Love looks like believing in change despite not seeing any. 

Love looks like trying anyway. 

As a writer and an artist, I'm committed to trying anyway. 

Stay well, 



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