Aybil vs the Internet: It's Spring!


I really enjoy being outdoors. As much as possible, I step my bare feet into wild green grass and let the hot or cold blades shock my little senses. I breathe as deeply as possible and whatever tree I end up sitting under, I smile at and give thanks for the shade. 

To say that I'm a nature buff is understating it. As a kid, my family and I used to go camping at Keystone Lake (in Oklahoma). My parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins piled onto a campsite running for the water, screeching in joy, warning about sighting eels and sea snakes that might carry us away. These are memories I truly want the next generation to have. Simplicity, quiet, reflection. I've given up wanting to be on my phone, scrolling as a guise for “staying connected”, as I think many in my generation will. I've gone back to the trees and that's where I think I'll stay. 

Who else went camping? I've been looking for some new sites. 

Anyways, just wanted to check in friend…there are new musings in the works. Hope to chat soon



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