Roots: Pt 3: An Acknowledgement On War


This month has been troublesome and spiritually uneasy.  Both my appetite for both food and media has lessened. This black history month, I have undertaken the task of sharing my process for genealogy research because this to me is a work of repair and healing. 

All the while, it is sickening to process that, as I write, entire family lines are being wiped away, in violent acts of erasure. I stand in solidarity with the thousands of Palestinian people who are living in a war zone. I stand in solidarity with my people in the Congo enslaved. I stand in solidarity with my folk in Sudan and Haiti and in every nation where people are crying out for change and peace. As I pray and take actions to raise my voice, I can only hope for some sort of healing and repair and justice for these families.

May our prayers and actions align. Asé.

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