Settle My Soul



It's been a month. I've taken a little time off for reflection and growth. Honestly, I realized I was close to a burnout and so I pulled over for a rest. I'm back and excited to bring you my newest release. My song Settle My Soul (ft Yahvin).


I've always been the type to hear my own voice and cringe, but I believe reflection is vital to success. So recently I listened, in chronological order, to everything I've put out into the world so far and...

I'm proud.

I proud of my NUMEROUS mistakes, lol. I'm proud of the things I know now. I'm proud of the lessons that will not need repeating. And I'm proud because even when it's not perfect you still want to listen.

Today, I'm mega proud because in April I released "Settle My Soul." It is my first official rap release. As a kid who grew up free-styling on cassette tapes, I knew I always wanted to rap. I never saw myself singing. I hated my own voice. Now I'm gaining my stride at doing both. It's amazing where life has lead me.

As always, I'm grateful you're along with me for the ride. (Songs About Raine coming soon).






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